1. Getting excited for our first show! It went so well; the cast completely rocked it. 

    You’ve got one more chance to see the show - tonight in Sage 1210. Doors open at 6pm. Tickets are $5, and all proceeds go to the Christine Ann Center, REACH Counseling Services, and One Billion Rising.


  2. The Women’s Advocacy Council promoting the Vagina Monologues at the 4th Annual LGBTQ Ally March! WAC <3’s Equality!


  3. Showtime!

    Need information about UWO’s production of the Vagina Monologues? Look no further!

    Dates: April 11 and 12 
    Time: 7pm both nights
    Where: UWO Campus, Sage 1210 (see map)

    Tickets $5 at the door. All proceeds go to REACH Counseling Services, the Christine Anne Center, and One Billion Rising.
    Donate $10 to our charities and get a t-shirt!

    RSVP on Facebook
    Tweet with the hashtag #uwovagmons



  5. Vagina Monologues Week!

    With our show fast approaching, the Women’s Advocacy Council and Vagina Monologues cast members will be busy with events all week. Here’s where you can find us!

    Monday, April 8: Tabling in the Reeve Concourse from 11am-3pm. Stop by to grab a button, donate to our charities for a t-shirt, and get info on the show!

    Tuesday, April 9: Dress rehearsal at 7pm in Sage 1210. Cast only please; we want you to be surprised!

    Wednesday, April 10: Ally March, beginning at 5pm in the Reeve Ballroom. WAC will have a table there; come by to see us!

    Thursday, April 11: Opening night! Our first show begins at 7pm in Sage 1210. 

    Friday, April 12: Last chance to see the Vagina Monologues on campus!  7pm in Sage 1210 once again.


  6. Do We Still Need the Vagina Monologues?

    Yes. Because few other rallies or panel discussions or club meetings bring such a large variety of women together like this play, which addresses topics as serious as rape alongside ones like dissatisfaction with one’s body. Perhaps nothing else unites women, especially in college, as effectively for the purpose of combating female assault on a global scale and for talking about issues that are deeply personal (and often unaddressed). Putting on and going to see ‘The Vagina Monologues’ is a kind of activism that hardly feels like activism at all.”

    Check out this great article on Buzzfeed and get inspired to stop by auditions this week at the Women’s Center!



  7. Curious?

    Here’s what you could perform!

    Here’s the full list of parts available in our production of the Vagina Monologues. Keep checking back here in the days leading up to auditions to see videos of women performing some of the monologues. 

    Read More


  8. Auditions!

    The time is here to get excited about Vagina Monologues auditions!

    Here are the official dates and times:
    Wednesday, February 27 from 5-7
    Thursday, February 28, from 6:30-8:30
    Friday, March 1, from 10-4

    Don’t be scared; these will be super low pressure! Come to the Women’s Center, read us a monologue, and let us know what kind of part you’re interested in. Roles range from speaking a few words to reading a more in depth monologue. If you’re at all interested or have questions, stop in and chat! 

    Follow us here for much more information, including a list of the roles available and some sample videos of monologues to get you inspired!


  9. Important Dates

    February 14: One Billion Rising in Reeve Union
    -Stop by our table in the concourse between 11:30am and 3pm for our official kick off to Vagina Season!
    -Learn more about the national movement here:

    February 27-March 1: Auditions @ the Women’s Center
    -Don’t let the word scare you! These auditions will be super low-key and low-pressure. Getting involved in the Vagina Monologues is easy - stop by the Women’s Center, read us a monologue, and let us know what kind of part you’re interested in. Roles range from speaking a few words to reading a more in depth monologue. If you’re at all interested or have questions, stop in and chat! There’s no commitment. 
    -Wednesday 5-7
    -Thursday 6:30-8:30
    -Friday 10-4

    April 11-12: Show Time!
    -The performance will take place at 7pm in Sage 1210 on Thursday and Friday
    -Make your debut on stage or come support your friends and family!

    April 16: Talk Back
    -A panel of speakers will assemble to discuss and answer questions brought up by the Vagina Monologues. More details TBD


  10. Welcome!

    Welcome to ({UWOVagMons}), the official online headquarters for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh production of the Vagina Monologues! Follow this tumblr to stay up to date with all sorts of important things - announcements, schedules, photos, and whatever else the Vagina Season brings our way. We’re so glad to have you on board for this exciting movement!